Bavaria C45


57cv Yanmar YANMAR 4JH57 (die.) de 2023
Propulsion : In-bord > Sail Drive


Catégorie : > Voilier Croisière, Voilier Quillard

Etat : neuf

Longueur : 13.98m

Largeur : 4.49m

Année du produit : 2023

Nombre de Cabine : 3

Nombre de Couchette : 7

Nombre de salle de bains : 2

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Visible à Atlantique port de Pornichet-La Baule

A partir de 323.880 € TTC

Description du produit

NOUVEAU C45 en première mondiale à Düsseldorf (20 - 28 janvier 2018)
Design in the style of the superyachts
With the design of the BAVARIA C45, BAVARIA YACHTS is offering a brand new approach to sailing yachts of around 45 foot. In silhouette the BAVARIA C45
looks like a superyacht thanks to the extended hull with its three large windows, and the slimline appearance of the structure created by the long band of
windows. And the BAVARIA C45 doesn’t lag behind the superyachts when it comes to stylish details either. All the hatches that are part of the clever lighting and
ventilation concept of the BAVARIA C45 are sunk into the deck. The deck and structure are all level areas without steps or edges, just like on an actual
Sailing and/or relaxing
In the cockpit, a clear separation is made between relaxation and the joy of sailing. Anyone wanting to enjoy some sunbathing can do this in the large cockpit.
Along with its two large reclining areas, this is also the best place to enjoy lunch at the two large tables or to enjoy a BBQ from the grill right at the stern of the
The BAVARIA C45 is trimmed and steered from the two helmstations at the rear of the cockpit. The sails are set by the four windlasses situated right next to the
two wheels and can be trimmed easily and precisely at any moment. From the two steering columns, the helmsman has the perfect overview of the sails, all
navigational instruments and, of course, the BAVARIA C45 itself.
As a world first on a 45-foot sailing yacht, BAVARIA YACHTS provides space for the dinghy in the stern. At the touch of a hand, the dinghy disappears over the
bathing platform in the stern ready for sailing. As a result, it doesn’t impact space in the forecastle. If a dinghy isn’t required, then the dinghy storage space is the
perfect stowage for diving gear and other sporting equipment.
Performance and easy handling
The lines and the design of the BAVARIA C45 have been created by Cossutti Yacht Design in Italy. Maurizio Cossutti and his partner Allessandro Ganz have
poured their collective experience gained from regatta and cruising yachts into the new BAVARIA C45. That means that the BAVARIA C45 can boast an
unbelievably good sailing performance and an enormous speed potential from the moment it leaves the shipyard. The BAVARIA C45 jumps at the lightest breath
of wind and can be sailed reliably and fast even under harsh conditions.
It was always important to the BAVARIA YACHTS development team that the BAVARIA C45 is easy to sail and not just fast. The self-tacking jib guarantees quick
and precise turns. A large gennaker, which can be easily set and retrieved by a furler, ensures fast sailing with following winds. At the wheel, the helmsman can
feel the boat’s performance in his fingertips thanks to the perfectly balanced rudder blade. The BAVARIA C45 obeys every rudder movement perfectly, both under
sail and when manoeuvring in port.
Holiday, Style or Ambition
The concept of different specification lines that was introduced in the BAVARIA C57, has been expanded for the BAVARIA C45 to include a sporty variant. With
everything you need, both inside and out, the BAVARIA C45 HOLIDAY is primed for long cruises right from the very first day of sailing. At BAVARIA YACHTS
standard equipment means that everything a skipper and his crew need is already on board and included in the basic price. From the anchor windlass, to the
sails, right through to the navigation instruments. The BAVARIA C45 STYLE impresses with its exquisite woods and highest quality materials in all the details on
board. A sporty design and optimum sailing performance is what the BAVARIA C45 Ambition promises. She has everything you need for fast sailing without
losing out on anything. One ingenious solution is the open stern which means that you don’t have to do without a bathing platform.
3 or 4, or even 5 cabins?
The options offered by the layout below deck on the BAVARIA C45 cannot be beaten. As well as the classic 3-cabin version, which has an owner’s cabin that is
extremely generous for its class and boasts a bath and shower in the bow, and the two equally generous guest cabins in the stern, the BAVARIA C45 can also be
ordered in a 4-cabin version. Two spacious cabins in the bow, which have their own bathroom and a separate shower in the saloon, provide perfect luxury for
eight people on the 13,98-metre-long BAVARIA C45. And in a revolutionary step for 45-foot sailing yachts, the BAVARIA C45 can also have a fifth cabin with two
bunk beds, if required.
All the cabin versions have the same bright and airy saloon with space for large crews to sit down to a big dinner at the U-shaped table on the port side, and for
relaxing on the lounge sofa on the starboard side. Food is prepared and cooked and drinks are mixed in the L-shaped pantry which is always tidy. Numerous
stowage compartment and especially the large fridges provide ample space for provision.
State-of-the-art technology above and below deck
On the BAVARIA C45, the navigation and the onboard electronic system on the large displays are visible at all times, and what’s more they can also be handled
quickly and manageably. Digital switching is the buzzword and was developed by the electronics manufacturers B&G and Naviop in collaboration with the
development team at Bavaria. All equipment and electrical circuits on board can be controlled and monitored via a touch panel. The fill levels for the fuel, water
and waste water tanks and the charge level of the batteries are checked by tapping on the display. And all of this comes as standard in the BAVARIA C45. It
could hardly be more innovative.
Sturdy hulls and top quality
The deck and the hull of the BAVARIA C45 are built in a technically sophisticated and state-of-the-art vacuum infusion process. This guarantees that the hulls are
extremely sturdy with less weight. The engineers from BAVARIA YACHTS have refined this process for series production yachts and have christened it
VACUTEC. Since 2016 all new developments at BAVARIA YACHTS are built using this process.

Electronique :
- compas
- gps
Equipement :
- chargeur
- chauffe-eau
- circuit 12v
- circuit 220 v
- cockpit teck
- cuisiniere
- douchette de cockpit
- echelle de bain
- eclairage de cockpit
- four
- guindeau electrique
- plateforme de bain en teck
- pompe de cale
- prise de quai
- propulseur de poupe
- rechaud
- refrigerateur
- reservoirs eaux noires
- table a carte
- table de cockpit en teck
- wc electrique
- wc marin
- barre a roue
- enrouleur de genois manuel
- genois
- grand voile semi-lattee
- manivelles de winches
- pataras
- renvoi drisses au cockpit

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